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How Death Café Meetings Help You Talk About Death

Many people have trouble speaking openly about death and dying, and the topic is even considered taboo in some places. However, at a Death Café, honest conversations about end-of-life issues are the norm. Here’s what you need to know about a Death Café and why engaging in straightforward discussions about death is important. What Is […]

How to Help Children Cope with Grief

Losing a loved one is a tragic experience which can be especially hard on children. A child who loses a parent, sibling, a close relative, or even a pet, can feel a deep sense of loss that they do not fully understand. We all grieve in our own unique way, but children don’t have the […]

What to Do When A Loved One Dies

Even if a death is expected, losing a loved one is a tragic experience that’s difficult to cope with. Many people don’t know what to do when someone dies, so we’ve compiled a helpful checklist to guide you through the legal and social obligations when a loved one dies.

Alternate Endings: A New Look at How Americans Cope with Death

Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America is an HBO feature documentary that provides an in-depth look at the different ways Americans deal with death. Perri Peltz and Matthew O’Neill produced and directed the documentary, which consists of six touching stories about various individuals and families coming to terms with end of life […]